Aftercare - Important Considerations

Unfortunately, aftercare considerations (what happens after the final injection) require you to make some decisions prior to my visit. I will provide some links to companies who provide personalized service for your pet after the transition.  Some of their services include:


Several companies provide a transportation service for your pet’s remains after the procedure for an additional fee. I can provide this service and most of my clients find it preferable if I do so. 

Cremation choices

Many pet owners elect to have their pet cremated privately and the ashes returned to them. The Resources Page will provide you with several options for this service if you are considering having a private cremation. These companies also provide for communal cremation if that is preferable. They will also scatter the ashes according to the owner’s desires.

NOTE: I can arrange for the cremation service, and most of my clients prefer that I do that. 

Burial services

There are several memorial pet cemeteries in the Los Angeles area. You can contact them prior to my visit to determine if this would be a viable choice for you.

Please go to the Resources Page for more information.

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